Perfect for the cooler, ranch rig, beer fridge, hat can, water bottle, you name it! Sticker measures 4"...
7" Overall Length Wood handle Cross Draw Sheath Handmade in the USA
If you own a pair of properly fit cowboy boots, you need a boot jack! Makes taking your boots...
5" Overall Length Wood Handle Vertical Sheath Handmade in the USA
Waterproofing aerosol spray for sueded leathers and roughouts. Protects against all types of liquids, dirt and grime. Works great...
6 1/2" Overall Length Natural and Black Micarta Handle Cross Draw Sheath Handmade in the USA
A natural by-product that softens, preserves and waterproofs all articles of smooth leather and vinyl. Helps prevent salt...
7" Overall Length Laminated and Dyed Hardwood Handle Vertical Sheath (Blue Handle) Cross Draw Sheath (Brown Handle) Handmade...